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Contact: Jeffrey Varone
Title: Battalion Chief, PFD
Phone: (401)527-9353

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Rhode Island's Reverse 911 System

The Reverse 911 System is a state-of-the-art, essential emergency alert and notification system that has the ability to simultaneously notify all or selected residents and businesses of Providence, all Port of Providence facilities or other selected geographical areas in the event of an emergency or drill . The System was purchased in 2005 with federal grant money and implemented in early 2006. The Reverse 911 System is activated by an approved Reverse 911 system operator from the Providence Fire, Police or Emergency Management Agency. The Incident Commander at the scene of the emergency determines the need to activate the alert and warning system and which geographical area to target such as the Port of Providence. The Incident Commander then would contact an approved REVERSE 911 system operator to make the notification. Notification begins when a voice recording delivered by a designated City official (i.e. Mayor or Police, Fire or EMA representative) describing the nature of the situation, along with instructions to follow (evacuate or shelter-in-place) is simultaneously sent to all primary business phone lines or residents in a selected geographical area such as the Port of Providence.

The database of emergency contact numbers including unlisted and non-published phone numbers is kept and updated by Emergency-911 (State Agency).

A separate database has been created for all Port of Providence facilities and facility personnel that wish to be contacted including their cell phones whenever an emergency or drill occurs in the Port of Providence area. This Port of Providence database will be updated every quarter after the quarterly LEPC#2 quarterly meeting so that the database remains accurate and notifies everyone that wishes to be contacted.

The REVERSE 911 System was first used and tested at the Port of Providence 2nd annual Evacuation Drill in June of 2006. The system worked well and the Port facilities were contacted about the drill in a clear and seamless manner.

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